Is Erectile Dysfunction a stumbling block in your married life? Making both, you and your partner tuning out and turning off instead of tuning in and turning on? Relax! The science of stem cells has the key to this box!

Erectile dysfunction is a mediocre male complication touching generally after the age 40; although lifestyle changes, stress and other environmental factor have practically shrunk the age limit up to 30-years. The science has also proved ED as the canary in the coal mine for future heart attack. This reality is expecting startling attention from experts.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction may be defined as the problem experienced in prolonging penile erections to have an effective round of sexual coitus. Male sexual arousal is a composite networking mechanism involving nerves, muscles, blood vessels and hormones transmitting signals from the brain to the penis. Erectile Dysfunction can result from a problem with any of the above. Likewise, stress or any other psychological problems can cause or aggravate ED. The evolutionary overture of stem cell treatments has shown a boulevard for the healing from ED.

Stem cells are the lead pilots in our body guiding all the cells to be at their predestined terminals. In a simpler language; they are the most primitive cells capable of giving rise to one or many cell types of the body and also can create a microenvironment attracting cells from other parts to facilitate regeneration. This solitary characteristic of stem cells are enslaved for the treatment of various systemic medical problems such as Erectile Dysfunction through guided regeneration of damaged blood vessels, nerves, signals etc

Erectile Dysfunction: an alarm to an action

We are concerned about our patients with Erectile Dysfunction at Advancells and take pride in providing the best possible treatment regimen deployed to our patients to achieve the highest recovery.