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Stem cell therapy is known as a type of cell therapy, in which specialised cells are injected into damaged tissue/organ in order to treat the desired area.

In our bodies, stem cells are the foundation cells for every organ and tissue. Originally, the highly specialized cells that make up these tissues came from a primary pool of stem cells, which are formed shortly after fertilization. During our lives, we persist to rely on stem cells so as to replace the cells and injured tissues that are lost each day, for instance, those in our blood, hair, skin, and the lining of our gut. The stem cells have the capability to self-renew and also give rise to further generation of cells that can multiply.

Stem cell therapy has shown a great potential in the treatment of a number of conditions, such as neurological diseases, diabetes, eye disorders, spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia etc. A higher understanding and knowledge about this therapy will allow the treatment of the abnormal development in the human body.

Stem cells derived from all the sources have vast medical promises. In spite of the successes we have seen so far, there are numerous major challenges that ought to be addressed, prior to the use of stem cells as cell therapies, to treat a wider range of diseases. Primarily, an abundant source of stem cells is required to be identified. Subsequently, in case of organ transplants, it is vital to have a close match between the donor tissue and the recipient, with the intention to decrease the risk of rejection. Further, a system for delivering the cells to the right part of the body must be developed. Thus, the new cells must then be encouraged to function and to integrate together with the other cells of the body.

Stem cell therapy is no longer a science-fiction. Currently, developments in the technique of stem cell isolation and expansion collectively with the advances in growth factor biology has helped in finding successful treatable solutions for various chronic diseases.

Stem cell therapy has brought in a lot of optimistic hope between doctors, researchers, and the patients should not be ignored, who are the chief beneficiary of this innovation. Consequently, it is clear that the stem cells, have regenerated hope and is here to stay. One such company working aggressively in the field of providing latest Stem Cell Therapies is Advancells. They are one of the pioneer companies providing successful Stem Cell Therapies in India for various diseases.