Many times, it comes into the picture, when you would be reading about the possible cure for any chronic life-threatening diseases, such as cancer or neurodegenerative disorders. One should understand that the word can initiate the number of responses, which can be credited as per the By now, everyone might have heard or at least read about the buzzword, ‘stem cell therapy’. the situation as well as need. For instance, for vulnerable patients, who are not able to find out any definite cure through conventional medicine, stem cells therapy can be a hope; whereas for scientists, who are struggling hard to unlock the master key to curing, it is a sense of responsibility and a great deal of excitement about the promising future of stem cells therapy! Contrary to which, for medico-legal experts, patient’s long term safety and an ethical spirit of justice would be the priority. Thus, in order to have a better understanding of hopes vis-à-vis reality, we should certainly consider the following points.

Laboratory findings associated with the promising and essential therapeutic potential of stem cells! A Reality

The concept of repairing or regenerating internal faulty mechanisms was never new. Some animals and lizards are known as the masterminds of regeneration; remember those school time lessons? A salamander can grow his body parts again and again even after their amputation. Accordingly, we humans as well have the power of renewal, restoration as well as growth in order to be resilient to normal wear and tear of the body. With the latest research and technological up gradation, this power of regeneration has now converted into a reality; through the therapeutic application of stem cells.

Stem cells have been detected as early as eight-celled stages of the embryo; undergoing multiple cell divisions to form an entire human being in the mother’s womb. These cells have thus been named as the smart, naive cells present in the niche of every mature organ throughout their development; hence, these cells indeed are the building blocks of our body with the ability to step up into cells of multiple origins. This can be the key to a successful cure of many degenerative conditions, associated with cellular loss.

Patients are really very excited to read and know more about stem cells therapies and how they can be beneficial! A Hope

Many people have been suffering from deadly, disabling conditions such as spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative disorders, etc. Their lives are riddled with problems and are dependent on others for even a bit of their happiness. For them, the breakthrough of stem cells therapy can definitely be the ray of hope; as even if they gain a bit of independence, like being able to speak or show, a sense of touch towards their loved one or control over their bowel as well as bladder- is a major advancement. Stem cells therapy involves their isolation, enrichment in a controlled environment and infusion back in the body; to promote the regeneration of lost cells and functional restoration of an organ.