As per the recent survey, parents have reported 1 in 45 confirmed cases of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders; with a notably higher estimate of 1 in 68 children with ASD, from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the CDC has as well acknowledged the relatively faulty estimations, because of some significant limitations, based on the analysis of medical and school records at different monitoring sites across many countries.

As parents of autistic children, many of you should consider yourself to be very lucky, because you could know about the disability very quickly; as early diagnosis has made considerable difference to families; who have adapted upcoming challenging therapies and interventions, like stem cells therapies and coping up with years of anguish as well as uncertainty.

Although, it would be very surprising to know that this year Autism would even be comparable or little on the higher side, than a number of children affected with diabetes, cancer, etc. So the bottom line is to understand, what is Autism Spectrum Disorder and how can it be treated!

Autism is an umbrella disorder with more than 40 different conditions identified in recent years. Some children express very mild variable of the condition, with the ability to speak, good social quotients and are attending regular mainstream academics. On the contrary, some kids are facing extreme challenges and have totally withdrawn themselves, away from the world. Although the extent and variability is individualistic, some common things that have been noted across the whole spectrum are:

Low social quotient

Low communication

Difficulty in the social imagination

For instance, if your child is repeatedly watching the same video again and again or is being fond of the same toy since his childhood; then it should be immediately noted down. Autism has reported affecting any of the five senses, either aggravating them or pacifying them. This is the reason, many parents would notice that their children get distracted or irritable through loud, high pitched noise. Repeated stripping off the clothes can as well be noted as an indication for an expert’s advice. Some other reported indications can be:

Poor sleeping patterns

Unusual eating patterns

Inclination towards self-harming

Although, more and more research is ongoing the current option of autologous stem cells therapy has definitely proven to be very helpful in improving social interaction, cognitive functions and regulating behavioral aspects of children; because as a parent, you would definitely want your child to be offered the best possible always!