An exponential relation has been detected between the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders and pregnancy related complications like low birth weight, premature birth, gestational complications, etc. Many population based studies and demographics published through Center of Disease Control and World Health Organization have confirmed this direct significant association. The survey further shares the fact that babies born with low birth rates or are born prematurely can pose all sorts of motor and cognitive delays with five times higher proportion; along with recently added cases of autism.

According to the study report, which was being carried out for more than two decades, involving 1,105 children, who were weighing just a pound at the time of birth? The emphasized evaluation factors were based upon the critical parameters, such as age of children, behavioral strength, academic achievements as well as their social and emotional quotients. Surprisingly, more than 25% of the kids were found to be positive for ASD. The study could also confirm the possibility of additional disabilities associated with children born at low birth weight, like language disorders, mental retardation, etc. These findings particularly are emphasizing the need for greater understanding of intrinsic mechanism, at the cellular levels that are contributing towards birth related complications.

In this regard, public health red flag should be raised suggesting the necessity of neonatal routine screening to rule out the possibility of ASD with the highlighted bottom line that women should follow proper guidelines that have been urged by doctors; along with a strong need for the early diagnosis and immediate medical interventions.

With the conventional therapeutic interventions, only rehabilitation in terms of speech, behavior, intelligence, memory could be offered to manage degenerative ailments like autism. Although with the recent identification of alternative, yet effective therapeutic approach, such as stem cells therapy has proven to be very influential in altering the pathophysiologic aspects of autism; in order to bring positive changes in the system.

Stem cells are the mother cells with the ability to give rise to different cellular systems, which have been designed for specific organ functions. The immune regulatory abilities of these unique master blasters have been proven to be very effective in combating immunological threats to the dying cells. Research has further confirmed that stem cells can stimulate the formation of new supportive network of arteries to improve oxygen rich flow of blood towards the site of injury to regenerate lost and/or dying cells. With the creation of apt micro environment, stem cells can acquire properties of tissue specific cells to aid in functional restoration to a great extent. Thus, in case of ASD; stem cells have found to be very helpful in restoration of brain functions, through regeneration of white and grey matter and assist in subsidence of neurological symptoms in order to improve social, emotional as well as intelligent quotient of a child.

Although, like every medical treatment the extent of recovery can be very individualistic; but stem cells being the real medical wonders can be worth a try for your child.


Stem cells thus could be the real medical wonders for your child