About Us

Advancells is focused on therapeutic use of regenerative medicine primarily used in stem cells generated from patients own body source. We are passionate about the possibilities and unlimited potential of adult stem cells and therefore with a strong belief and enduring dedication; we deliver technologies for the safe and effective treatments to patients all over the world at the highest medical standard. Using our flagship technologies such as “Autologous stem cell therapy from Bone Marrow and Adipose tissue;” we strive to achieve supremacy that would be a benchmark in the field of regenerative medicines. We maintain scientific and ethical traditions through “Good Manufacturing Practices” in accordance with the accepted national and international norms. We also offer a natural Anti Aging treatment for soft cosmetic remodelling.

The very fact that you are on this website proves that you have done your research on the potential of stem cells. However you are welcome to go through our vast literature that will explain about stem cells and how they are changing the face of modern medicine.

Since 2005 thousands of patients have been treated in our various clinics around the globe. Please visit our testimonial page to know more about our patients, who have not only shown faith in science but also decided to give themselves a second chance of fantastic recovery and leading healthy life.

On our journey towards the search for the “elixir of life” Advancells is backed by doctors, stem cell experts and clinical research scientists to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System with excellence and innovation.


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